These days getting a job has become even more difficult with several organizations selecting only individuals who pass a drug test. Many organizations believe that the habit of drug addiction is not good for a corporate environment. Hence, it has become necessary for employees to go through these tests during the pre-employment screening process,  and even after they join, test are conducted on a yearly basis. Test like hair follicle drug test for marijuana is one of the very common tests being administered.

Everyone who uses drugs like marijuana has the same question to ask that is for how many days the effect of marijuana stays in the body does. There is no specific answer for this question. The only answer that could be given to this question is the fact that it all depends on the metabolism of an individual. The time for which traces of marijuana could stay in the system depends on the metabolic capacity of individuals’. If you  have a slow metabolism and have used marijuana within a few months, then chances are the individual will test positive for a hair follicle drug test.

For a hair follicle drug test for marijuana at least 40-50 strands of hairs are required from the scalp line of the crown. The hairs test can detect the use of any drug during the 90 – day period. For this purpose 1.5-inch, hair sample is needed where 0.5 inches represent 30 days.

It has been recently speculated that a hair follicle drug test for marijuana can produce a negative result if the hairs are exposed to humidity. When exposed to humidity the marijuana elements have more chance of breaking down. Following this method can hence ensure that the hair follicle drug test for marijuana could come out to be negative. It is an easy and effective method that can be used.

There are certain products that are available in the market that are perfect to pass a hair follicle drug test for marijuana, such as our Ultra Clean Shampoo or our Home Hair Test Kit to prepare you for the test. Click here for additional products and information. So it is best not waste money on things that don’t work and getting practical. The hair follicle drug test for marijuana can trace the usage of drugs even done years back. It is therefore, necessary that one must stop using the intake of any drugs before the hair follicle drug test for marijuana and must take certain steps to increase the chances of negative report.